Back to School!!!

Hello!  I know I’ve been abscent from my blog, but I’m ready to be back!  It was a very busy summer and now that school has officially started for both of my girls I’m ready to get back to it!  I LOVE having my girls home for summer break, but I did notice myself wanted to have some sort of a routine so that is what I’m going to focus on.

First, I really want to be better about meal planning for dinner. Both of my girls play sports and since my oldest started high school this year (sigh) I’m now driving around more than ever so if I could have the “what’s for dinner” question ahead of time that would be a HUGE help . I’ll be busy pinning some ideas on Pinterest ( if your not following me there, make sure you are!!! )  If you have any tips or tricks you want to share about meal planning please comment below…I’ll take all the help I can get:)

Another thing I really want to work on is some form of excercise.   I have a love/hate relationship with going to the gym, but I really need to just do it! Ideally I would love to go right after I drop my girls off at school…to be continued!  I just need to do it! Anybody else have the same problem??? Ok, maybe this cute shoes I just go in the mail will motivate me.  They are so cute and unbelievably comfortable!

Nike Zoom Winflo 5


I feel like the beginning of the school year is a chance for me to reset just like my girls do in school.  Now I’m off…the weather is cooler than usual here so I’m taking advantage of it and getting out for a walk!  Have a great day.

Until next time-





Getting back to my routine

Well summer break is over and my girls have been back to school for about a week and I’m sitting here (on my 3rd cup of coffee…oops!) thinking about what I need to do to get back to my “school year” routine.  During the summer our schedule is basically a non-schedule!  Neither of the girls wanted to do any camps this summer so our days were pretty open and I have to say this was probably our best summer yet!  Lots of time with our new chocolate lab puppy, friends, the pool and late (very late) nights cuddling up on the coach!  Now the girls are both back to school and I desperately need my routine back!  I need to get back to working out, pre-planning our dinners for the week, getting my hair cut…you know all the things you put off when you find other things to do! Ok now that I literally typed out “get back to working out” it feels more official, like I’ll do it because I wrote it!  I got these shoes from the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (I’m sure you all might have seen a post or 500 about it 😉).



My hands down favorite tennis shoe brand is Nike and these Free Focus Flyknit 2 don’t disappoint.  They are super cute and OH SO comfortable!  They aren’t on sale now, but seriously they are worth the $120.00 price tag!

Ok, now that my coffee cup is empty I’m getting dressed and heading out for a walk in my super cute shoes!

Enjoy your day!