Fireball Apple Pie Drink

With Thanksgiving just a few days a way I wanted to share one final recipe with you and I saved the best one for last! This drink is such a festive drink that not only taste wonderful, but is pretty to look at too! I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly recipes I have shared these past few weeks…I’ve enjoyed sharing the recipes my family enjoys at Thanksgiving with you all.

Fireball Apple Pie Drink

1 shot Fireball Whiskey

1 c. Apple Cider

1 splash Ginger Ale

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon Sugar

1 Cinnamon Stick (optional, to garnish)

1 apple slice (optional)

Dip the rim of cocktail glass in water on plate then put cinnamon sugar on plate and roll rim of glass in it to cover. Put ice in glass (I prefer single ice balls). Pour Fireball over ice then add apple cider. Finish with a splash of ginger ale and stir. Serve with cinnamon stick or apple slice on top (or if your feeling extra fancy, both 😉).

Enjoy responsibly!

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