My favorite shoes for working out

I have searched for many years for comfortable and cute athletic shoes to workout in. I have worn Nike for years and repurchased them many times because they have a lot of really cute styles to choose from, but I haven’t ever found them overly comfortable when I wore them for long periods of time. Fast forward to the beginning of 2020 (just prior to the shut down👎🏻). I started feeling pain in my knees when I was exercising so I decide to order a pair of Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes and give them a try…and I’m so glad that I did!

The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe has a ton of soft cushioning, good arch support and fits my foot really well. I noticed an instant difference when walking and running in these shoes and the pain in my knees has gone away too! I also ordered a 2 pack pair of Ghost Midweight socks also and they are full of added cushion in the heel and toe (soooo comfortable) ! They have a few different color sets to choose from. I got the grey and black set, but I’m going to pickup the grey and pick set too because they are very comfortable and I’m a sucker for anything pink!

If your looking for a new pair of athletic shoes I highly recommend giving Brooks a try. Here are a few pairs of shoes that I like along with the socks that I love.

Brooks Running Shoes & Socks

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