Back to School Organization!

So this week my girls are back to school & although I’m bummed that summer break is over, I realized I feel more organized during the school year.  (I didn’t realize how much a routine helps me get my “to do” list done!)  This morning I took their school calender and put everything in my calander.  (Yikes there are a lot of days to remember!!!)  I know there are a ton of places online to get personalized planners with fun stickers and custom layouts, but I picked up this 12 month planner from Target for under $11.00 & I like it!  The monthly layout has plenty of room to write multiple things on each day and was exactly what I look for.  I liked the pretty purple and pink color, but this one with blues and greens is a close second!


My older daughter also wanted a planner for school so I got her an academic planner for her.  They had a ton of adorable options that she liked.  They are the perfectly sized to easily fit in her backpack and they were all under $9.00!


This is just a start, but I think it’s a very important part of being organized. I use my phone calender too, but I still like to see everything on paper also…is anyone else like that? Also, I picked up the larger size for myself (8.5 x 11) and a smaller more compact size for my older daughter (8.5 x 6.25) which is perfect for her to slip into a front pocket of her backpack.

I hope you all have a great day.  If you have some good back to school organization tips I’d love for you to share them.


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