Fall favorites from Target

I’m sure a lot of you can understand what it’s like to go to Target for one thing and come out with a cart full…happends to me all the time! I thought I’d share a few of my top picks.

1. The Small Gold Pumpkin and 2. Large Gold Pumpkin are both really beautiful.  These both look so pretty mixed in with my white pumpkins and look perfect on my entry table.

3.  This Fall Wall Hanging is really cute and it was only $5.00!!!  This wooden sign could either be hung on the wall or leaned up against your fireplace surrounded by pumpkins (what I did)!

4. This Thankful Platter in white with the gold lettering is simply elegant and goes perfectly with the gold pumpkins I talked about above.

5.  This Gray Plaid Table Runner is the perfect blend of all of the colors I like to decorate with this time of year…simply perfect!

6. This Two-Toned Cutting Board is so cute on my kitchen counter with a candle on it!  I know it’s meant for food, but I like it so much I don’t think I want to get it dirty:)

These are just a few of the really cute items I found at Target.  I seriously could have shared 50 more, but I narrowed it down to just these…for now!!

Until next time, have a great day!



*contains affiliate links*

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